Happy Valentine

Always wanted to release a different shape LP, a square or other shape?Green Vinyl Records makes it possible, see an example in the YouTube video below.For more information please contact...

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Brabants Buske2

visit of Brabants Buske

On Saturday December 11, we were visited by the popular regional television program "Brabants Buske" at Green Vinyl Records, where the presenters Hanelore and Roxanne recorded a short film about...

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Concept LP label printer

In this concept presentation in a YouTube movie, we show how we print the label on the LPs, printing a label on both sides is done within the production time...

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This is what happens with the knowledge from the Green Vinyl Records project

Did you know that Green Vinyl Records is an open innovation project? This means that the technical knowledge that is gained is also shared outside the project team.

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Knowledge from Green Vinyl Records project in Mikrocentrum courses

Open innovation is one of the key points of the Green Vinyl Records project. This means that we also apply the knowledge gained during the development process of the LP...

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