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Knowledge from Green Vinyl Records project in Mikrocentrum courses

Open innovation is one of the key points of the Green Vinyl Records project. This means that we also apply the knowledge gained during the development process of the LP in order to increase the knowledge at other companies. One of the ways to achieve this is by incorporating this knowledge into training courses. One of the project partners, Mikrocentrum, does this in its injection molding and plastic training courses.

Training injection molding teachers

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Since September 2018, Mikrocentrum has had the latest generation of injection molding machines. These are both hybrid and fully electrically driven. Full-option versions have been chosen especially for training purposes. The machines therefore have specific technology for high precision molding, process monitoring and special software for quality systems. This also makes it possible to apply the new techniques from the Green Vinyl Records project and teach them to the students. The injection moulding teachers were updated and trained on 3 November so that this knowledge can be incorporated into the courses.

Course Injection Molding 3 – Demo

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Measuring is knowing is central to Green Vinyl Records, especially for the injection molding process. Only in this way can we guarantee consistent quality. Special sensor technology makes it possible to precisely measure pressure and temperature in the mold cavity. For optimum process and product quality, these values ​​are used for the cycle of the machine. This is necessary because there are always differences in the composition of the processed plastic. During the Injection molding 3 course the focus is on analyzing and optimizing the injection molding process. These were therefore the topics during the guest lesson on November 29, 2018, given by Raymond Visser and Bas Dijkhuis of Kistler and Loran Mak and Gerard de Wit of Technex.

Course Molds for Plastics B - Demo

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Smaller dimensional tolerances apply to the design of a plastic injection molded product and associated injection mold. Measuring pressure and temperature directly in the mold cavity is the most accurate way of measuring. By giving designers a demo of what is technically possible, she helps to select better equipment to guarantee a solid process with the aim of zero-error production. These were the topics during the guest lesson on November 21, 2018, given by Fabien Buchy and Victor Tsai of the SimpaTec company where the design of a plastic product was first simulated through specialist software before the production of the injection mold was released.