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Did you know that a lot of energy is lost during the vinyl manufacturing process? Traditionally, vinyl records are produced with a press that works on steam: a time consuming process that also costs a lot of energy and waste. In addition, the material of which the vinyl records are made contains a number of ingredients which are harmful for as well humans as the environment, especially during the recycling process.

We, a group of 8 dutch companies, together develop an environmentally friendly alternative production process for vinyl records.
This process is based on the injection moulding principle instead of pressing. We also replace the plastics of which current vinyls are made with environmentally friendly materials. Maintaining the familiar vinyl feeling is key in this process. Together, we achieve energy savings of over 60%, create a faster manufacturing process and cause less impact on environment and health.


How the Green Vinyl Records are made

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This isGreen Vinyl Records

  • "It sounds and feels like vinyl, but it’s better for the environment"
    Harm Theunisse - Symcon B.V.


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