Green Vinyl Records participates MEDIA-TECH 2018

Green Vinyl Records participates in the international MEDIA-TECH congress in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on 4 and 5 June. During this event, the congress of physical media also takes place. This congress has the focus on the remarkable revival of vinyl. The conference is an excellent opportunity for media experts to network with international colleagues.

Vinyl as a trendsetter in the market

Many other formats, long thought defunct, are also following the trend set by vinyl to satisfy the tactile requirement of the buyer. The members of the MEDIA-TECH Association are the past 50 years involved on the production of physical media. MEDIA-TECH provides an overview of the current market introductions of raw materials and machines. These topics are also central during the congress.

The conference will be MEDIA-TECH is a collaboration between the Green Vinyl Records Project, the MEDIA-TECH Vinyl Working Group, the Pure Audio Group and Colonial Purchasing Europe.

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